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Wiccans Stay Mum

Recently I discovered a handful of Wiccans in my town and inquired about interviewing them for the newspaper. Almost all of them declined stating that their faith is personal and don’t want to talk about. This seemed odd since many of them posted this interest on their MySpace page or on They appear to be seeking people to discuss this with, just not me.
My immediate thought was that since I am an outsider, they do not trust me enough to have the conversation. I figure it is for one of two reasons.
My first guess is that their faith is so sacred to them that any real discussion of it with outsiders would profane their beliefs. Perhaps what they believe and what they practice has such a deep sense of holiness to them that those not of the same mind cannot know about it. Perhaps various degrees of dedication and commitment are necessary to understand.
And this may be the case.
My second guess, and the one that I think is correct, is that too many people have judged them too harshly for too long for them to trust anyone to not react that way. And even if I could get them to trust me to interview them, would they trust my readers?
The fact is that even though entertainment media has given Wicca and other magical faiths a lot of time in the spotlight lately, they have sort of made light of it. As much as Wiccans believe in the magic in our earth and their ability tap into and make use of that, is it really as spectacular as it appears on TV and in movies? Are these people tapped into so much power that they are ready to rule the world? As much as someone might secretly desire what they see in movies, most of us tend to still smirk and giggle when we hear of someone that truly subscribes to the beliefs of Wicca.
I personally am not a Wiccan. I don’t fully get all that Wicca is. I believe that there are some real and powerful spiritual or perhaps even magical phenomena that Wiccans experience. I am not ready to change my beliefs but I would really like to be able to have a conversation with someone to find out what they believe, to have them stop judging me as Christian long enough to prove that I am not judging them. Granted, we Christians have given them a lot to judge us for.
I would just like the chance to be curious without being judged personally. I like to think that most Wiccans can appreciate that.


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2 thoughts on “Wiccans Stay Mum

  1. Cassie on said:

    I am not Wiccan, but I’m Pagan and quite influenced by Wicca. I am curious as to what questions you would have asked had you been given the chance.
    Oddly enough I wrote something on my blog today about some of the conflict and suspicion that exists between Pagans and Christians. Personally I am very much in favor of respectful dialog.

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