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Further Defining Faith

I got some comments that defined faith more as an overall belief in something spiritual, whatever anyone’s favorite flavor of that might be. I appreciate those comments as they made me think a bit about why I chose the faith that I did. At some point in this discussion, I plan to delve more into that. But I want to dig deeper than just a belief system. How does that belief system become part of our lives? Can it become something that matters, not just a label that helps define my world view to someone else?
Perhaps I need to start by defining what I’m not doing here. I am not propagating a prosperity gospel. I have seen the health and wealth, name it claim it stuff up close and it makes me sick. I have a hard time reconciling that theology with my understanding of Christian scriptures and specifically Jesus’ teachings. So as I purse trying to understand faith, it is not this kind of faith that says that if we simply believe hard enough Jesus will grant all my wishes.
That said, what can faith really do? Jesus promised mountains moving if we have the faith. I have a hard time picturing that, even with metaphoric mountains. So, how can I close that gap between what I say I believe and what I believe in reality? How can I learn to expect mountains to move? Or should I let that go?


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