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Brad Bellmore Get’s a Life – 2

Donald Miller is one of my favorite authors and with the soon to be released movie of Blue Like Jazz, I have been pondering his influence on my life. That book made me rethink many of my perceptions on Christianity. He made me consider what am I really believing in and find a way to connect my faith to my life.
To Own a Dragon, his take growing up without a father. To him, a father was as mythical a creature as a dragon. This book connected with a lot of my thoughts and feelings of growing up without a father, some of which I did not even know I had until I had kids.
Another challenge to my faith and why I believe what I believe was Searching for God Knows What. It even challenged me to think about how I express what I believe.
But, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years pushed me farther than any of the others. The basic idea of this book revolves around Don realizing that he wants to write a better story for his life. This is actually spawned by the process of creating the movie mentioned above. Anyway, it resonated with me when I read it given that my life is rather a rambling mess than a cohesive story. I felt inspired at the time to make some changes. That was short lived, mostly because the various waves of depression stemming from unemployment plowed that inspiration deep into the dirt.
But now, as I ponder how I learn to live, to truly be alive for whatever is left of my life, the movie surfaces and stokes again the fires of creating a better story. Which is what I hope to do here, both explore the process and tell the story.
And so, I set forth in quest for a life worth living and a story worth telling.


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2 thoughts on “Brad Bellmore Get’s a Life – 2

  1. Nancy Bollman on said:

    Blue Like Jazz struck a cord for me too. I had a strong connection with my father so that didn’t come up for me. I loved the part about doing the Reverse Confessional. Some people just have a knack for pushing others away from faith. They do much more harm than they will ever know, at least this side of eternity.

    I would venture to guess that most lives are more ” a rambling mess than a cohesive story”. Just look at Moses. A false start–fleeing for awhile–wandering in the dessert–never stepping foot in the Promised Land. I bet he didn’t think his life was a cohesive story; that is, until God put his story into words.

    Just my thoughts on this Monday evening.

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