Carpe Aeternum

Finding the Eternal in the Every Day

Brad Bellmore Gets a Life – 5

On the way home form work, Old Man by Redlight King played on the radio. I love the Neil Young original but this remake connected with me.
The last time I wrote, I talked about how I observed my kids and learned about how to live my life better. This song warned me that they are doing the same. They look to me to figure out how to get through life. Sometimes by asking questions but more often by copying me.
How much fear and lifelessness am I passing along without intending to? The stuff I hate about my life, the things that are motivating me to write this blog are the very things that will be my legacy unless I am deliberate about changing them. I don’t want my kids to learn to fear the world, life, God. More, I don’t want them to learn it from me. They will grow up one day to be a lot like me, for better or for worse.
This change, this embracing change and choosing to live, that’s what I need to pass one. Hopefully I can give them enough that they can learn to do it better than me.


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