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Brad Bellmore Gets a Life – 7A

As many of you near us know, a vicious storm hit the area and lots of people lost power. We went a couple of days without. Boy did that push my risk level.
Because of the heat, many of my neighbors ended up hanging out outside to get a little cool breeze. I had the chance to enter into conversations with some of them. I wimped out and went with those I already knew rather than meeting anyone new. It would have been easy too since we had something to commiserate about.
Anyway, an uncomfortable situation pushed me past my comfort zone. A tiny, tiny step forward.


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One thought on “Brad Bellmore Gets a Life – 7A

  1. Brad,

    Another way to push yourself forward is to visit other Toastmasters clubs and practice giving your next speech(es) there. I really appreciated meeting you when you gave your winning speech at the District 30 conference, and I’m pretty sure other Toastmasters would like to meet you too. You don’t have to get too close at the club meetings, but there’s always the option to connect with someone if you find you have a lot in common.

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