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Brad Bellmore Gets a Life – 8

Paulo Coelho in his book The Alchemist expresses the belief that if you state your dreams out load and make them a goal, the universe will conspire with you to make them happen. A wonderful sentiment that I decided to try. My experience is that if you state a dream as a goal, the world will conspire to prevent it from happening.
It seems that everyone around you immediately tells you it can’t be done. Some will encourage but armies will discourage. But then, other interactions with the encouragers make clear that they are patronizing you. Of course there will be a few that really mean it and truly hope and maybe even pray that you succeed or that you at least try well and gain satisfaction from the effort.
Why are so many people against dreams? Is it because they have none? Or that they’ve given up on them? I’ve tried giving up on my dreams but life was too bleak. I can’t survive bleak. I can survive failure so I’d rather flounder in a morass of failure and maintain some sort of dream rather than embrace bleakness.
Because life needs something. Some kind of hope or aspiration to hang onto or it withers away and nothing is left. Why live then.
I hate mediocrity but I also can live with achieving my best even if it is merely mediocre. But it takes risk to even boldly pursue mediocrity. It takes risk to fail. Sure it takes risk to succeed but since I don’t have a lot of history with success, I’ll leave that to someone else to discuss.
But I’m trying to live life here and I can’t do it without my silly dreams. So onward I rush into the foolishness of my efforts. But they keep me alive. And I can live with the world against me if I can dream. So let them conspire against me. The stories are going to come.


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3 thoughts on “Brad Bellmore Gets a Life – 8

  1. Nancy Bollman on said:

    Dreams are something to hold on to and hope for. The are a necessity of life. not a luxury–that is if you truly want to live fully.

    Still, I don’t agree that stating dreams out loud makes them goals and brings them to fruition. Dreams require thought and action. If others hear you stating them and shoot you down, it is more about them than about your ability. It is your life and the only beings truly allowed to comment are yourself and God. All other comments are irrelevant.

    Yes, that is easier to type than live. Yet, I believe I am responsible for myself and I perform for an audience of One. God’s opinion is truly the only one that matters and sometimes that even trumps my own opinions of myself.

    From one contemplative to another, keep dreaming and never stop!

  2. Thank you for a great post.

  3. Brad,

    I’m not sure what your dreams are, but this could mean anything from having a long bucket list of things you want to do before you die, to having a large-scale desire to change the world in a particular way. When I was young I showed talent as a musical composer, although my talent was mostly yet-to-be-realized. After I composed a couple of songs on the piano, my father told me definitively that I would never succeed as a composer. Years later I showed a composition to my flute instructor at the university and he said it was nice, but too bad it was 50 years out of date. Years later I found a composition teacher who thought I had a lot of talent, but he didn’t know if I could get published due to the limits of the publishing industry. By my late 40s I sent a piano suite including the same composition I had written at age 19, plus a couple of others I worked on with my teacher, to the Boston Music Company, and they wrote back, yes, we’ll publish it. Sometimes you have to go high enough to be recognized for who you are. Today my biggest dream is to change the way society views the human personality and to change people’s paradigm of understanding self-and-world. I don’t tell many people about this because they think I’m conceited or deluded, but that’s because they don’t have a reference point for understanding my uniqueness. Nothing can stop me from trying, although a lack of money seems to be trying to stop me from doing my writing. You are unique as well. I hope you find one or two people in the world who have the ability to grasp your potential and help you chart your course to effect the world in the way or ways you would truly want to do. And I hope you don’t settle for less – God sent you here to contribute uniquely.

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