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Brad Bellmore Gets a Life – 10

St. Patrick has been inundating my life lately. The last two books that I read and a recent sermon all looked at his life as an example of someone taking risks, changing their life and serving God. The most intriguing part of this to me is the story where as a slave in Ireland, god tells him to walk away form his slavery and he does, knowing full well that he most likely will be killed if caught and he has a long, long way to travel before he gets anywhere close to being safe.
What an odd thought, that being a slave can be or at least feel safer than not being a slave. That walking away from slavery is scary and dangerous. Being a slave sucks because, well, it’s being a slave. So is being safe and in bondage better than being dangerously free? The Matrix argues that uncomfortable truth is preferable to a comfortable lie.
So what does that mean? What is my slavery? My lack of a career? My half-assed attempts at being a risk taker? Is living life a move away form slavery? Or is it just a new lie that is more comfortable than my old lie by virtue of being novel?
It feels like St. Patrick’s call resonates with me somewhere deep in my heart. I need to move away from slavery. I just don’t know what that means yet.


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