Carpe Aeternum

Finding the Eternal in the Every Day

Brad Bellmore Gets a Life – 12

Lackluster World by Eric Adams is a brilliant indie comic that poses an interesting question: where were you the day you died?

The basic idea revolves around defining death as no longer living and given the way most people plod through life, their aren’t living. So, when did they die? Did they even know it? I know I certainly missed it. At some pint I realized that I wasn’t really living but I didn’t realize that I had when I did.

So, Adams’ words are inspiring to me at this stage in my life, in the midst of my trying to get a life. If I want to live I need to avoid “not living”. I need to make deliberate choices to become more alive.

I joined Toastmasters in attempt to get more speaking into my life. Yes, I’m one of those weird folks that enjoy public speaking. I’m trying to squeeze some more writing into my life, writing beyond this blog. A few books are festering away in the deep recesses of my brain; perhaps they will see daylight someday. Exercise is turning out to be a game changer for me. Just little incremental doses of endurance are teaching me to persevere once again.

There is a story to be lived and I think I’m starting to hear the muse again.


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