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Brad Bellmore Gets a Life – 15

Many people dismiss the physical strain of football because it isn’t constant motion like you see in soccer or basketball, yet it is an immensely tiring game. The most draining part of it is getting off the ground. If you think of the fact that most teams run roughly 60 plays a game, depending on your position, you may be getting up off the ground 40-50 times a game and that’s if you’re lazy. If you hustle, you might get knocked down and get up to finish a play, thus increasing you odds of getting up off the ground about 40% more times per game.
That’s a lot of time and energy spent just picking yourself up.
Thus, the penchant for coaches to make their players do the dreaded “up-down” drill. For those of you fortunate enough o never have engaged in this drill, the basic idea is to run in place until a cue, such as a whistle, then you drop to the ground and then get back to your feet as quickly as you can. Although the sadistic side of a coach might be the driving force behind these drills, or at least the duration of the drill. But it has purpose.
The truth is, there have been times in a game after I’ve been knocked down that I considered how soft the grass was and that I might just want to stay there for a few minutes, perhaps grab a nap. But if I wanted to win the game, I needed to get up and get back in the huddle. I needed to stand up and continue the game.
Sometimes defeat is fended off in small increments. In measures of standing up again. In each decision to re-enter the game.


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3 thoughts on “Brad Bellmore Gets a Life – 15

  1. Wow, I never saw the correlation between the “up-down” drill and the mental/emotional aspect of giving up. Of course, I never played football either. Thanks for a great insight.

  2. great post brad, encouraging!

  3. Scott Waltz on said:

    I have found the same thing true of diet and exercise. It is important to learn to pick up and try again.

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