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Brad Bellmore Gets a Life – 16

Life is a long race.
I suck at long races. The thing that gets me through on long runs is focusing on my form. I completely withdraw into myself and find the rhythm of breathing and moving my arms and tune everything else out. It’s almost trancelike. The problem is I forget to enjoy the run. Of course that usually means the scenery because the actual pushing myself to the point of fatigue isn’t really all that fun.
With life, I feel like the same thing happens. I focus on what needs to happen to get through a day, maybe even just an hour. I just try to remember to breath and move forward and usually get to the end. Somehow.
In the process, I forget to enjoy myself. I forget the important things like connecting with the people around me. Important people.
About five years ago, I ran into some old friends at a funeral. People who are very dear to me. People that I love a lot. We realized that we hadn’t seen each other in years. Here are legitimate reasons: geography, growing families, work other life commitments. Sometimes it’s just hard to connect.
But are those reasons really legitimate? I mean, there are real and important, but aren’t the people too? Can’t I find some way to squeeze in some time with them? We decided that we couldn’t let funerals be the reason we gathered. If we left it to that, before long, it would be one of our funerals that brought us together.
So we became purposeful and deliberate about connecting with each other. For a while. Then life got in the way. And I started focusing on getting through each day. Almost trancelike. Just breathing and moving forward.


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4 thoughts on “Brad Bellmore Gets a Life – 16

  1. really enjoyed this.. it is all too true.. we need to find time for the important people in our lives.. good work Brad

  2. so true…right now you are a householder where you and your wife are responsible for raising your family (not enough time to do all the things and not enough energy left at the end of the day)…the next stage of life, retirement, hopefully will allow you both time and energy to reconnect (you no longer have to run the race but can walk at your own pace and reflect on the race you have run so far)…

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