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Brad Bellmore Gets a Life – 18

So a week after I write about how it sucks to only see people at funerals, I find myself on the way to funeral. I saw a bunch of family that I haven’t seen in years. Some of them are people that I’m not that close with but are good to see none-the-less. Some, however, are people quite dear to me, people that have had a big impact in my life.
And I’ve failed to stay in touch with them.
And it took a funeral to bring us together again.
I am trying to figure out a way to stay connected. They live several hours away, so I can’t just drop in on them. Yes, this is an age of technology so I can email them or even go old school and call them. Even that seems hard to squeeze into the schedule too. Not sure why. It just does.
At this point I realize some of this is being deliberate and actually doing something about it. I can actually pick up the damn phone and make the call rather than sit down to rest for a few minutes at the end of my work day. It’s not that exhausting to call them. Usually it’s invigorating. And work, isn’t that hard. So why is it a struggle?
Maybe because there are so many other people that I want to stay in contact regularly and fail at as well, so I feel guilty calling my mom because I owe a call to three other friends. But I could be more deliberate about contacting them too. I love these people, don’t I? They are important to me.
Somehow this ties into the discipline of exercising. Or writing. Or anything. I can find the time to call and connect. I can find the energy to express and feel love. But I want it to be because I love them not because I’m being disciplined. But can I use the task to help me connect which will grow the love that drives me to want to connect? I know, it sounds convoluted.
But it has to happen. This can’t be my cycle. I can’t be connected through funerals alone. Life has to be the reason to seek people out, not death.


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4 thoughts on “Brad Bellmore Gets a Life – 18

  1. Phreld on said:

    Life has to be the reason to seek people out, not death.

    This is why God has you writing. That is such solid, well stated truth.

    Glad you are still alive. I must seek you out soon. ;})>

  2. Yeah, I get that. I totally get that. Know what you mean… Been reading a book by Kathleen Norris that seems somehow connected to this topic. So hey, I’ll pass it on:

    Title: Acedia & Me.

    Liked this post!

  3. Lisa N. on said:

    So true, Brad and I completely agree with all of what you wrote. Hope all is well with you and sorry to hear you had to attend a funeral. They are the pits. 😦

  4. Brad,

    My sister-in-law has close friends from college that she rarely sees. To stay connected, they have a get-away weekend together once a year. With a family that might be hard, but maybe you could plan some kind of annual get-together with some of your distant friends?

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