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Brad Bellmore Gets a Life – 19

So the theme of my blog has been rebutted. Well, not directly. Last Sunday’s Hagar mocks my running commentary. In the strip, Hagar decides that he is going to squeeze more out of life. He is really going to live until he dies. And Lucky Eddie responds with “Doesn’t everyone do that?”
It’s a great joke. The reality is that we all do live until we die. It’s kind of self-evident. Talking about it seems moot.
But my rants here and what Hagar is on about is the quality of life, the deliberateness of our living. How much effort do we put into trying to live? How much do we let life just slip past us?
I think the movie poster from Braveheart sums up my sentiment better than anything. Way back in the day, when you walked into a theater, there was Gibson as William Wallace, kilted and armed and the lines, “All men die, Very few truly live.” That tagline grabbed me when I first saw it and I still love it. Even though it wasn’t what drove the inception of this blog, it is underneath it all, part of the foundation of this movement in my life.
I want to truly live while I can. I hope to inspire the same in those around me. Yes, we all will live until we die, but how deliberate will we be about using that time we’re alive?


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One thought on “Brad Bellmore Gets a Life – 19

  1. Watched Brave Heart this week after attending a men’s retreat last weekend so I am feeling some freedom form the mundain!! Not sure I am ready to have my guts ripped out ? Blessings, Drew

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