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Brad Bellmore Gets a Life – 20

Perseverance is hard when you’re trying to learn to persevere. I used to be good at this, but over the years I’ve gradually grown lazier and lazier and have los t my edge to fight to continue. For anything. At all. Now that I’m trying to learn to do this again, I find it hard to keep going when things get rough.
Not that long ago I wrote about the importance of getting off the ground. Simply standing up is sometimes the hardest action to perform, but it is crucial to stave off defeat. I keep reminding myself that. Everyday because it seems that everyday the grass becomes softer. Everyday just standing up seems to take more energy. Some days, it is getting out of bed that creates the struggle. Will it be worth it today? Some days my life (in terms of my commitments, schedule and pace) is not sustainable.
I recently read The Dance of Fear by Harriet Lerner. She relates the tale of a client of hers who lost 190 pounds. The woman said that she never thought she could lose that much. Even fifty seemed too much. But, she knew she could lose one pound. She committed to that and each time she accomplished that, she committed to doing it again. She claims she never lost 190 pounds but that she lost one pound 190 times.
That sounds like the mantra of the New England Patriots (may they never win another championship) back a few years ago when they won all their regular season games. They claimed that they didn’t win 16 games but that they won one game 16 times. A friend of mine made the same comment about trying to come back from a huge deficit in a racquet ball game.
The point is to focus on the now and the achievable. Big goals are nice but they are also daunting. Sometimes the need is to focus on the next step and doing that as well as possible. This may sound a lot like a 12 Step Program; take one day at a time. That is the wisdom I am applying here.
So as get out of bed, I push aside the thought that this is not sustainable. I only have to worry about getting out the door. Once I’m at the fitness club, I just focus on today. The next 40 minutes of aerobic activity is all that matters, not my goals beyond that. Focus on now, focus on what I can achieve and let the pieces fit together into the bigger thing.
Just get off the ground one more time. Get out of bed today. Today is sustainable. Press in and be thankful for today.
I look forward to finding what my string of single days looks like when I finally have the perspective to see them all together.


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One thought on “Brad Bellmore Gets a Life – 20

  1. Appreciated the insight. I am doing just that…great confirmation….thanks

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