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Brad Bellmore Gets a Life – 21

Paulo Coelho in his book The Zahir, makes the intriguing comment that what he would like on his headstone is: He died while he was still living.
This fascinates me. I want to live my life better. To get a life – a real one. As much as I whine about my prospects of such and my ineptitude at doing so, it has largely become an exercise in just that whining. In my mind, this blog is my grappling with the resolution to live life. My reality still has but flashes of this.
I am taking risks, learning new things, trying to make changes. BUT, they all feel superficial, surface, inadequate. Are they incremental deposit of faithful perseverance that will one day result in an impressive accrual some day? Or is it merely a little boy walking around in his daddy’s shoes to feel grown up?
I need to find some real risks, do something that takes real courage. But what?


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One thought on “Brad Bellmore Gets a Life – 21

  1. Brad,

    You can look at risk-taking as a way to put a thrill back in your life, but risks can result in losses. Maybe placing small bets on your card game or golf game will give you a sense of risk, and maybe that’s okay. But my feeling is to make your risks count, by taking huge risks that have the greatest meaning for you. If you decide to write a book about something that will matter to others, not just yourself, for example, you’ll be taking a risk on making a dream come true for yourself. Even if few people buy your book, or people say they don’t like it, or you lose some money on it (and I’m not saying that will happen!) you will have taken a risk and lost in some ways and yet you will still have won. In other words, I would encourage you to find a way to connect your risks to your dreams in life.

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