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Brad Bellmore Gets a Life – 23

As I watch my girls engage with life, I notice that things I dream for them are changing. I dream that they will succeed at their endeavors, that they will know success in their lives. More and more, however, I find gladness in their failures.
I knew a girl in college who abounded with talents and skills and she excelled at all she tried. Her life was forged by success. In high school, she was the best of the best. At our college she was better than most at all she did. She planned to get a masters degree in broadcast journalism after we graduated. For whatever reason, despite her accomplishments, talents and academic prowess, the school she applied to didn’t think she fit their program. They rejected her and she was devastated. She seemed unable to recover from this setback.
I realized then that she didn’t have skills or experience to deal with this. She had never failed before.
I, however, failed often. My life is rife with flops and foibles. Rejection visited so often, I gave him a drawer in my dresser. Failing was a lifelong pursuit. I had literally been planning my whole life for the moment that a grad school rejected me. I was equipped to deal with it.
My friend’s first failure was colossal. How can anyone recover from that? I’m glad I had practice at recovering, at dealing with disappointment, at trying again, at staring anew. I am glad my daughters are learning these skills too.


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One thought on “Brad Bellmore Gets a Life – 23

  1. Scott Waltz on said:

    Thank you – this is timely for me.

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