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Brad Bellmore Gets a Life 24

Saint Paul wrote that we should never grow tired of doing good. Why is it that doing good is so tiring? I find it quite exhausting. It is much easier to do bad. Well, at least to do not good. Deliberately doing bad is hard too. That whole conscience thing.
Life would work out so much better if doing good was easier, if doing the right thing was the most rewarding thing. But, it’s not. It is almost always the hardest thing and the thing that delays gratification. Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth doing good at all.
But the bad stuff, or the “not good” stuff has consequences, sometimes delayed consequences. Sneaky, hide in the shadows and bite you in the ass when you least expect it consequences. I currently have a belly that makes me look eight months pregnant. It came from choosing to not exercise more often than actually doing the hard work needed that day.
I hate that doing the right thing, doing the good thing is hard. I hate that it’s hard enough that Saint Paul has to remind us to keep up with it. It’s almost as if persevering is a deliberate choice to embrace the hard thing. I hate that. Why did I have to choose that as something to change in myself? I’m not sure I have the perseverance to persevere.


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2 thoughts on “Brad Bellmore Gets a Life 24

  1. Julie Bellmore on said:

    sooo……..after 15 plus years of knowing you, I can say that the fruit of you making right choices (or doing good) has been not been wasted. The girls and I have reaped this good fruit for years, and the benefit is that you have cultivated relationships (at least with us!) that are loving, honest and full of life. You are a wonderful friend, partner and dad! oh, and I love your belly!

  2. Easy for you to say Julie… guess Brad, Jim and I will have to work on the Bellmore bellies…hope all is well.. miss seeing you and the girls.. (and Brad too)…

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