Carpe Aeternum

Finding the Eternal in the Every Day

Brad Bellmore Gets a Life 25

I watched “The Grey” over the weekend. I still can’t decide if I liked it. There were distinct parts of it that bothered me, but there were parts that spoke to me. I hated the wolves, or too much of the wolves and the general bleakness. I loved the poem that Liam Neeson’s character quoted. I didn’t so much at the time, but it stuck with me. The closing line “Live and die this day” continues to haunt me. It’s become a morning prayer.
What more can I want for or expect from a day that I truly live it, live it like it might be my last and invest it with real value. Live like I am truly alive and I’m bringing life to those around me. Try to make each day that I would be okay with being my last.
I find myself living my life more like those guys in the movie though. They survived a plane crash and are trying to continue to survive. The move forward because they can’t stay where they are, but they don’t really know where they are going. They just move forward. That’s the struggle of surviving. I get stuck just making it through the day, just taking another step, just moving forward because I can’t stop moving.
I want to live. I want to survive, but I want to move past that to living. How do I get there? Oddly, one day at a time, just like survival. But investing in it like it’s the last day I have and making it count. I want that poem, “to live and die this day.”


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