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Brad Bellmore Gets a Life 26

Last week, I wrote about being alive and getting the most out of a day. I intended that to focus on doing big things, or taking more risks. However, I missed the point of being present. In the back of my head that was there; it is a crucial part of being alive or trying to squeeze the most out of every day, but I did not state that.
I have a wife and kids. Being connected with them and letting them know that I am involved in their lives matters deeply. When I consider trying to live a day well enough that I would be happy if it were my last, connecting with my family is a vital part of that. It has to happen. For them yes, but for me more. I need this. I can get a lot of stuff done and have my day still feel wasted. I can hang with my kids and not get enough done and be happy. I may regret not getting more things done. I don’t regret using my time the way I did though.
Around the time I wrote last week’s post, I had a great meal with my family. Nothing spectacular, but it was fun. It was nice. It was a great memory. The next day I thought about that moment and decided that if that was what I saw of my life when I died, that would be wonderful. It made me eager for more of those moments.


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2 thoughts on “Brad Bellmore Gets a Life 26

  1. Del Shimandle on said:

    Good post. Keep it up, bro.

  2. I enjoyed the post but I know that’s not you cooking in the video. Hey!!

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