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Brad Bellmore Gets a Life 29A

I don’t often do follow ups on my blog, but last week warrants one. Terry Pratchett in several of his books talks about the power words have and therefore they are dangerous. Brad Bellmore Gets a Life, if not proving that, at least proves that words can be misleading.
I find myself in dire need of an editor because while I thought I was communicating a lighthearted whine-fest about not being able to attend a conference given by one of my favorite authors, I believe I may have, unintentionally, given the impression that I hate my life and that my family obligations stand in the way of doing things that give me life. Things like the Storyline conference. My obligations are not my road block. Distance, yes. Cost of such an adventure, just a little out of reach.
At various times in this blog, I have tried to communicate that my family is my favorite adventure. I chose them and continue to choose them, putting other things aside to participate with them in life. Maybe this is a theme I need to revisit often.
Perhaps, like me, you have met people that suck the life out of you. It’s just what they do. I don’t want to suck life out of my family. I have been assured that is not the case. But, I do want to be someone that brings energy and life to those around me, especially those in my household. I believe that God breathes life into us so that we can breathe life into those around us. I want that to be how I change my world.
The purpose of this blog is explore and chronicle my attempts to get unstuck, be deliberate about change and overcome fear. In short, living life better. In that I hope to share life with others.
So, I’m going to miss out on a conference in Oregon. Instead, I’m lobbying to get one in the Chicagoland area. Probably a better plan than whining in my blog.
Thanks for putting up with my foibles.


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