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Choosing What to Do

In my last post, I mentioned that I am going through a process to try to evaluate all my activities to determine what I want to continue doing. I’m one of those people who have a lot of interests in a lot of areas and I truly enjoy them. I want to do them all. If I did, I could fill up two week’s worth of time in activities that I would try to do in week in those spare hours left over from work. Then I need to find time to do items that need to be done. There is no way I can do it all.
Why then do I do those things? Just because e I like them? But why do I like them? I need to determine those that provide the best value to me and then focus on that. It is hard letting good things go. Fun things, even. But the reality is that I am human (as much as I make the case that I am some sort of super being.) and that means that I have limited time and energy.
Then there are things that I do out of obligation. They need to be done so I do them. No love involved on my side. Why do I continue to do those things? Do they provide value despite my not liking them?
I am being deliberately vague at the moment because I am still deciding what to keep and what to drop. Once I have made some choices, I will provide examples of what I am doing and how it is working.
My process is basically this:
1) Why do I do an activity?
2) Is that a good enough reason? If yes, I’m done for now.
3) If not, is there a better reason? If yes, I’m focus on that and I’m done for now.
4) If not, then I need to drop it or transition out if necessary.
The hard part though, is then taking those that have good reasons and weighing them out against others with good reasons. Which becomes more important? I still can’t do all of those. Do I take things in turn, some for this season and some for another? Or do I need to hone my focus more?
This brought me to the conclusion that I need a central mission to tie all of this to. I haven’t created a personal mission statement in years. I think I need to revisit that. I think that is the road to deciding what is the best of the many good choices before me. I think.


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One thought on “Choosing What to Do

  1. Brad,

    I like your idea of identifying a personal mission. Perhaps you can start by imagining yourself at the end of life, looking back and imagining what you would like to be able to say you accomplished. This should include not only being a good person and having good relationships, but also how you contributed to society at large.

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