Carpe Aeternum

Finding the Eternal in the Every Day

Still There

A discussion I heard on Mike and Mike has kept me thinking. Greenie, talking about people who last a long time in sports build a legacy and, if they stick around long enough, can rewrite their legacy, said “there is something about still being there”. Longevity, at anything, pays off.
I wish I could reference this blog as the paragon of this but, unfortunately, it isn’t even a feeble example. Sure, I have put several years into this and posted quite a few articles. But the consistency needed to be a voice, at any level, that an audience pays attention to has not been evident here.
I missed a week because things got busy. Then I had a better idea unwritten and wanted to wait for that to develop before posting the one I had ready. Then I felt like I needed something really big since it had been awhile. Then it faded to the back of my mind. Not blogging became the new habit. I suddenly disappeared.
How else have I done that in life?
Previous posts talk about how I have let fade relationships with people who are very dear to me. Unfortunately, I have not succeeded in reconnecting most of those. I takes effort to regain momentum and I wavered in my resolution to drive this. Not that the people were hard to connect with; when I did connect it was wonderful. It’s just surprising how hard it is to make a phone call when it’s been a while since you made a phone call.
Keeping things going takes energy but takes less energy than starting up again. I know this. I have experienced this enough to know the reality of it, yet I let things fade.
I know I’m not the only one. Everyone struggles with this in some way.
I know that I can’t successfully continue everything in my life and add other changes that need to happen. Somethings need to go. It’s like juggling: you need to empty your hand of the current object so you can catch the next one. Only so much can fit into my day, into my life. If I want to include something new, I have to let something else go.
I just want to be more deliberate about what that is and how and when it happens instead of just one waking up and finding that something else has fallen to the wayside.
I want to still be there. I want the benefits that come with longevity.


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